Powder and liquid dissolvers


The INOX FER dissolving systems have been designed to dissolve, solubilise and mix extremely homogeneously powders and crystals in a fluid. They replace the traditional manual stirrer by increasing mixing speed, functionality and most importantly the homogeneity of the finished product .

The INOX FER dissolving systems are available in two different models such as DR and TMV, they differ in their technical characteristics and therefore in performances depending on the scope and the products that are meant to work. They can be mounted in line for a batch production with liquid feed from a second pump or attached to a tank, in this case without the aid of a second pump.

 Fields of application:

- Production of preserving liquids such as brine, syrups etc.
- Production of beverages in general such as energetic drinks, juices, spirits etc.
- Rehydration of powder milk
- Addition of proteins, β –glucans and thickening agents in general
- Preparation of colours for the textile and chemical industries
- Preparation of pharmaceutical and homeopathic solutions

DR series

The principle of operation is very simple, a centrifugal pump sucks the fluid from the tank creating a double Venturi effect under the hopper. The product contained in the hopper is sucked in and pushed into the liquid at a very powerful rate to ensure a perfectly homogeneous mixing.

Once the products is dissolved the mixture is kept in recirculation inside the tank for a few minutes in order to secure a greater homogeneity, at this point it is transferred to the point of use by the same pump.

TMV series

The TMV series has been designed to handle larger amounts of product and work with highly viscous blends. Thanks to the vertical suction directly from the hopper to the inlet of the pump and the tangential suction of the liquid causes the product to be mixed at the entrance of the pump.

The solution at this point is pushed by centrifugal force through a particular filter that has the purpose to atomize and mix the blend homogenously without clots of any kind. Are in fact exceptionally dissolved heavy products such as starches, proteins, pectin, caseinates and many others.

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