Defreezers & heaters with heated rotating coil

The need to achieve more efficient production plants without investing in new processing lines has led to the realization of these tanks that once integrated into an existing production line increases the productivity. Flexible and very performing it can easily be integrated into existing plants, compared to other machines has the advantage to have a wide surface that allows to treat a considerable amount of product in a short period of time.

Built in stainless steel AISI 304 and AISI 316 it is ideal for mixing, defrosting and pre-heating diced or whole fruits and vegetables. Mixing, dosing and heating are controlled through a PLC which allows to replicate the process automatically.

The control over the dosage is performed by load cells or flow meters. In addition to the rotating coil which allows to optimally treat any type of product it includes an outer structure that mixes and homogenizes the product.

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