Concentration and cooking boule, Inox Fer

Concentration and cooking boule

The boule have always been considered the finest processing system in the production of tomato-based products, jams, sauces, ketchup, grape must, balsamic vinegar and much more.

Thanks to the vacuum processing they allow to concentrate, cook and de-aerate the product at lower temperatures ensuring a final product of excellent quality able to preserve its original organoleptic properties.

It also allows to add ingredients, control the Brix and pH index and pasteurise. For a more efficient automation the process is managed by a PLC with touch-screen interface.


Ø Vasca
Volume lavorabile
Heated volume
Volume lavorabile
Workable volume
Consumo vapore
Steam consumption
400 mm26 l40 l40 kg/h60 kg/h
600 mm80 l115 l60/80 kg/h150 kg/h
800 mm170 l250 l80/100 kg/h250 kg/h
1100 mm420 l600 l250/350 kg/h500 kg/h
1300 mm700 l1000 l400/500 kg/h700 kg/h

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