jams & sauces production line

Jams & sauces production line

The Jams & Sauces production line allows to produce all those products that need to be mixed, cooked and eventually concentrated such as jams, gravies, meat and vegetable sauces. The cooking process can take place under vacuum or at atmospheric pressure.
To maintain the organoleptic characteristics of the ingredients and therefore to obtain a product of superior quality the concentration is carried out under vacuum using a boule or a heating rotating coil. Alternatively, the product is cooked and mixed in a cooking tank.
  • Raw material supply
    The liquids are stored in tanks and/or mixed in the blender while the solid products are fed through a screw conveyor or trolley. Depending on whether the solid product is fresh, frozen IQF or in block it is passed into the crusher or transferred directly into the mixer.
  • Mixing, dosing & heating
    The products are dosed in a tank in order to be preheated at the temperature of concentration. The feeding takes place in a mixing and preheating tank or directly in the cooker. Dosing is usually performed with load cells or flow meters.
  • Cooking & concentration
    Depending on whether the product is concentrated or cooked, the mixture is passed into a boule, a heating rotating coil or directly in the cooking tank where any additional liquid or powder flavorings can be added.
  • Storing
    From the cooking tank or concentrator the product is transferred into a buffer tank that keeps the product at a fixed temperature and mixed. The next step is pasteurization before proceeding to filling.

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