ketchup production line

Ketchup production line

The ketchup production line begins with the storage of the main ingredients which are: tomato paste, sugar, oil, vinegar and other liquid or powdery ingredients that follow the specific needs of the recipes.
The semi-prepared tomato is mixed together with the various ingredients and then subjected to the phases of preheating, deaeration, homogenization and pasteurization before moving on to filling.
  • Stoking semi-prepared ingredients
    The concentrate paste is transferred by pump into the storage tanks in which is added the glucose previously prepared in the dissolver. In the other tanks are stored oil and vinegar. Dosing is usually performed via flow meters or load cells for liquid products and through gravimetric feeder for powders. 
  • Mixing
    The ingredients are transferred according to the proportions indicated by the recipe into the mixer where microelements such as spices are added.
  • Pre-heating
    Through a tubular heat exchanger the product is heated to facilitate the processing in the next step.
  • Deaeration
    At this point the product is deaerated in order to remove the air dissolved into the product.
  • Homogenization
    In order to avoid sedimentation or separation phenomena the product is homogenized.
  • Pasteurization
    The pasteurization is done by a tubular heat exchanger.

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