fruit & tomato processing line

Fruit & tomato processing line

The fruit and tomato processing line allows to produce natural fruit juices and concentrates, tomato puree, diverse levels of tomato concentrate cold or hot break.
The similarities in the processing of fresh fruit and tomato (product receiving, washing and sorting, crushing, pre-heating, refining, concentration, storage, pasteurization) allow to create a highly versatile production line capable to treat different types of products, making it ideal for small and medium size production companies.
  • Receiving and washing
    The product is discharged into the tank, then washed and transferred to the sorting area.
  • Crushing
    The product arrives by cascade from the sorting area and then it is crushed.
  • Heating
    Depending on the final product to be obtained a hot or cold-break process can be used.
  • Refining
    The product is crushed until it reaches the desired consistency then it is separated from the waste intended for disposal.
  • Storing
    The juice is conveyed into a tank that continuously feeds the evaporator.
  • Concentration
    Depending on the final density required the product may be concentrated using a boule or a tripleeffect concentrator with variable evaporators.
  • Storing
    The concentrated product is channeled into a second storage tank before being pasteurized.

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