nectars production line

Nectars production line

The nectars production line consists in the preparation and blending of different semi-prepared products that are then homogenized and pasteurized.  The first step consists in storing the various ingredients such as fruit juices, concentrates, purees, glucose, acidifying and various correctors. Once dosed according to the producer’s specifications they are transferred into the mixer, in this phase it is important to monitor constantly the pH and °Bx. To facilitate the production process of the line, the product is transferred to a resting tank before being pre-heated, deaerated, homogenized and finally pasteurized.
  • Semi-prepared ingredients supply
    The ingredients are stored in appropriate tanks or aseptic drums depending on the characteristics of the production line.
  • Mixing
    The various ingredients are dosed and transferred to the mixer where the pH (acidity) and Brix (amount of solids dissolved) are constantly monitored.
  • Storing
    To facilitate the production process, the product is transferred into a resting tank waiting to be heated.
  • Pre-heating
    Through a tubular heat exchanger the product is heated in order to facilitate the deaeration treatment
  • Deaeration
    The air dissolved in the product is removed.
  • Homogenization
    The product is now homogenized in order to avoid phenomena of sedimentation or separation of the various elements.
  • Pasteurization
    Depending on the type of product pasteurization is done by a tubular or plate heat exchanger.

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